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"Rebecca has the best eye for unexpected beauty and knows how to bring out the sacred shine in an ordinary moment.  Her photos become touchstones and treasures for families, friends, and communities.  

Get you a photographer who makes beauty more beautiful."   




"Rebecca captured the essence of our family. There was no posing or uncomfortable, formal photo taking. We all felt comfortable being together and interacting normally while she snapped photos in a nonchalant way, and so we did not feel hindered or stuck or stiff. This resulted in natural, authentic photos that show so much about our realities and about our personalities, interactions, feelings, and connection ...

... she tells a story with her photos."



"Rebecca knows how to be a respectful witness and seamlessly integrate herself as a photographer."



"Rebecca is so much fun to work with. She is sure to make you laugh and feel comfortable in front of the camera, even for the most camera shy.  Her images hold the multidimensional beauty in moments that feel impossible to capture."



"Rebecca is amazing! We have a 5 year old who absolutely doesn't want his picture taken and a 2 year old who has much more interesting things to do. And now we have a whole gallery of perfectly adorable pics!"



“We have been fortunate to have Rebecca document a number of special occasions for us and every set of pictures is one that I know I will cherish for years to come.  Our children love working with her."



"It was so hectic with that many little ones around; I’m amazed that you were able to get such beautiful pictures out of the chaos."


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