i'm rebecca!

I am a photographer based in Northwest Connecticut, where I can reach the Appalachian trail in five minutes by foot, and Grand Central Station in two hours by train. 


I approach photography as a visual listener and storyteller.  I aim to illuminate authentic moments of human connection and to spark emotion and meaning.  I love working with clients who are excited to be surprised by their photos, who want a collection of candid and unfiltered moments.  

When I’m not working, you can catch me going for early morning lake swims, studying Italian, watching videos of my niblings on repeat, drinking coffee or craft beer, and keeping my yoga mat and guitar from collecting dust.  I crowdfunded my farm, I use cookbooks for decoration, and my bucket list includes a trip to see the northern lights.  

I donate 5% of my print income to the Southern Poverty Law Center.


rebecca@rebeccabloomfield.com      |                       |     845.605.8128

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